Iron Swell Company LLC (Iron Swell Co.) was established by Kelsie Saurber in 2018, originally as a mobile Beachfront Bootcamp business set on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Kelsie's concept for the bootcamp was based off of the iconic Muscle Beach in California, with the idea of bringing a similar beachfront workout experience to Northeast Ohio during the summer months. From the business concept, to the name Iron Swell and the trademarked Wave Barbell logo—the entire branding for the business was built around an ocean-fitness theme coined as "Weights and Waves".

After only one summer season, the bootcamps were wrapped up and the business was put on hold due to a career opportunity that led Kelsie out of state to Florida. In 2021, upon returning to Cleveland, Iron Swell Co. was relaunched and rebranded from a bootcamp business into a clothing brand, utilizing the same original name and logo. From the custom graphic designs like Jaws Barbell or Swell Island, to the many shades of blue shirts and even Hawaiian print hats, you will find the ocean-fitness theme still prominent throughout every aspect of the brand. This is what makes Iron Swell unique and stand out in the highly saturated fitness apparel industry. You won't find the same repetitive, hardcore gym quotes, mascots or shirt colors that everyone else uses here... we've got our own style and we're proud of it!

In addition to creating custom apparel, we have also made it our mission to partner with local gyms in the area to host Beach Cleanup + Workout Events on some of the same beaches that the bootcamps were originally held back in 2018. Not only does this continue the original legacy of the business, but it also allows us to engage with members of the community in providing a fun workout and an act of service to our local beaches via the cleanup. We supply all materials and cleanup supplies such as buckets, trash bags, gloves and hand sanitizer, and these events are free and open to the public. Check out our events calendar if you are interested in participating, or contact us to schedule an event of your own with your gym/group fitness class! 

You can also find us in person at events all across the Great Lakes region and beyond. Since 2022 we have sponsored and been vendors at events such as Battle on the Beach, Great Lakes Strongest Man, the USPA North Coast Classic, Fittest of South Carolina, Lakewood Summer Meltdown, and many others. This is a great opportunity to come meet us in person, check out our apparel, and support the athletes.